Lake Wylie Euro understands that not everyone lives under the same conditions, however quite often our vehicles have the same engine.

This is where Engine Control Unit (ECU) Tuning comes in. Electronic Control Unit tuning is a form of chip tuning that is used in automobiles The Engine Control Unit is a type of Electronic Control Units, considered to be the most powerful 'car computer' in modern vehicles as it controls everything that goes on in the engine. With new technology and better components, it’s settings can be tweaked to facilitate an overall better driving experience.

At Lake Wylie Euro, we recommend ECU tuning to improve how your vehicle functions. Firstly, it adds horsepower since chip tuning can alter fuel/air ratio, giving your car extra power and torque. ECU straight out of the factory comes with conservative software settings, which includes power settings. This allows your car to be more stable under a variety of different conditions, but it also means that the full power potential of your vehicle is not reached.

ECU Tuning also increases fuel efficiency which can in turn lower your monthly gas bill. We understand the difference that chip tuning can make for your fuel economy, which sometimes means sacrificing horsepower. However, in recent times emphasis has been placed on environmentally friendly practices and fuel efficiency which makes chip tuning a great option for your vehicle.

Another great part about ECU Tuning is that it’s affordable as it doesn’t require heavy labor, custom installed parts or bulky additions to your car.

Lake Wylie is a specialist auto shop that ensures the tuning done to your car remains affordable from start to finish while ensuring that high performance is always the result. Additionally, it allows for upgrades and inclusion of performance parts without potentially damaging your vehicle. Your engine also becomes more responsive to acceleration, helps with the increase or decrease the engine’s rev range and when combined with healthy driving practices, can result in more efficient driving.

What we also love about chip tuning is that it is designed to work with a range of gasoline grades for versatility. ECU software is set to operate in a variety of conditions such as high elevation with low temperatures, humid climates and constant rainy and damp weather. Regardless of the conditions, chip tuning ensures that your car can handle it.

Your car can also be fine tuned to get the most out of your fuel, including the timing, including the timing, fuel/air ratio, injection, transmission, and other features. Because ECU Tuning gives a cleaner burn there is more efficiency, more power and less build-up.

Ultimately, ECU tuning greatly increases your vehicle’s performance for smoother operation, increased fuel mileage, increased horsepower and a rich driving experience.