BILSTEIN is a world leader in suspension parts made for vehicles of all classes, from the race track to tough terrain.

Their technology is constantly advancing to adapt to driving dynamic, driving safety and for comfort throughout all makes and models.

While there are many ways to modify and upgrade your suspension, one of the best ways is to add a coilover system. It can allow for the lowering of a vehicle, reduces body roll with stiffer springs, guarantees a smoother riding experience, allows better handle and control and more comfort, and, you can adjust the ride height and damping if you feel you’re not getting the best driving and riding experience out of your vehicle.

Bilstein Coilovers give you complete control, providing precise suspension tuning, available previously only in race cars. But, Bilstein has adapted them for unmatched performance in any situation. They are road-tested and fine-tuned by BILSTEIN ride engineers under motorsport and other conditions. They contain spring plates and lock nuts made from a special aluminium alloy, surface coating using Triple-C-Technology®for long-lasting corrosion resistance, gas pressure technology, German-made BILSTEIN monotube technology and crafted from highly durable material.

They also boast threaded body with varying adjustable ranges, rounded threads for easy adjustments, lowering at front and rear, and, provide an upgrade to your shock valving to a competition grade of high and low speed adjustments, this also includes external reservoirs for easy access, cooling and capacity.

At Lake Wylie our job is to ensure that the suspension you get meets and exceeds the standards of your driving dynamics.

For comfort, the BILSTEIN B14 and BILSTEIN B16 are the top choices, for performance, BILSTEIN Clubsport is the right direction to head into.

Coilovers like the BILSTEIN B14 are ideal for selecting your own lowering amount and affords greater possibilities to vary vehicle height and ride height setup, while providing the perfect aesthetic. On the other hand, the BILSTEIN B16 can be precisely tailored to your preferences, culminating in the ultimate driving dynamics on the road. In addition to the basic features of the B14, the B16 offers a mechanical parallel adjustment of rebound and bump settings using an easily adjustable wheel. With ten distinct clicks made to complement the bump and rebound settings as you turn the wheel, it is the absolute best choice for the car that occasionally finds itself on the racetrack but spends most of its time traversing the local roads.

While the B14 and B16 coilovers have some degree of customization, the BILSTEIN B12 Pro-Kit is a fixed-damping suspension suitable for most motorists. As a set-it and forget-it system, this non-adjustable coilover lowers up to 40mm and is equipped with matched dampers and spring pairs. If you’re looking to get a bit lower, then the B12 Sportline is your best bet with height of up to 50mm.

If you spend more time on the track or on roads with semi-slick, BILSTEIN Clubsport was made for you. Designed for optimum performance, Clubsport has over 100 various settings, offers an aluminium uniball top mount and separately adjustable rebound and bump characteristics.

Lake Wylie Euro offers Bilstein Coilover Kits perfect for the street, track, racing, competition or just about anywhere your vehicle will take you. And, since your shocks and springs are made to complement each other, overall wear on your entire system is reduced by over 70%. The choice is up to you, for a suspension system that gives you either comfort or performance.