Your BMW is the ‘Ultimate Driving Machine,’ that is why expert care and knowledge is required to keep it road ready at all times.

Whether it’s routine maintenance, electrical issues or parts replacement, Lake Wylie Euro has all the right tools and the expertise to have your BMW running at 100% in little to no time at all.

We know that the dealership can charge a hefty sum to have your BMW serviced or even for replacement parts. As a leader in European-made car repair in South Carolina, and a premier retailer of OEM and OES parts, we ensure that your car gets the quality care and parts it needs at an affordable price.

This starts with properly assessing and diagnosing the issues you may be experiencing with your BMW in order to apply the best solutions. Your BMW contains high-tech, finely tuned electrical components that interact with each other for smoother operation of your vehicle. Lake Wylie Euro ensures that it its equipped to deal with all electrical repairs such as ECU fixes, navigation system repair, power window repair, cooling system repairs, engine repairs and more.

If you’ve been experiencing lower gas mileage, constant knocking and banging when you start your engine, or, your engine has been stalling, then its time to pay Lake Wylie a visit. This may indicate an issue with your engine that requires one of our BMW specialists to run an engine diagnostic to clarify the issues and offer you the best solution available and at the best cost.

Another problem frequently encountered in BMW’s are their Cooling Systems.

On most M50 engines the factory impeller installed is plastic giving it a short life span. When the impeller loosens from the shaft or disintegrates, and the water pump no longer functions, overheating is the immediate result. A similar issue arises when the auxiliary coolant pump for the heater system circulates enough coolant to provide cooling at idle, but not at higher engine speeds. This can get more frequent and intense, causing coolant to be lost. Because of this we encourage you to service your BMW in the recommended every 3 months or 7,500 miles to prevent issues like this.

We also do Drivetrain repair which is a common issue that BMW owners face with their vehicle. Drivetrain includes the transmission, wheels, axle and driveshaft. With this your car may lose power or experience problems in general movement. Using the latest software and up-to-date technical training, Lake Wylie will find the source as several different factors can affect Drivetrain, such as engine or electrical components.

The BMW 8-Series was one of the first cars to adopt a CAN Bus system, and today almost every new European made car comes equipped with it. Which is why at Lake Wylie we take pride in the CAN Bus system diagnostic and repair. This system controls individual systems so that they can effectively ‘talk to’ each other to allow your BMW to run smoothly. Your engine, transmission, power windows, locks, security system and cluster all use the CAN Bus to communicate. And, we understand the set backs of any communication errors your car may experience and are ready and equipped to diagnose and treat the CAN Bus. Our goal at Lake Wylie is to repair your BMW for maximum safety, efficiency and performance level regardless of what issues it might face.